Tirta Buana Waterfall, Review of Ticket Prices, Trekking, and Facilities in Buleleng Bali

Tirta Buana Waterfall is one of the many popular, and hits, waterfalls in Buleleng Regency, Bali Province.

Tirta Buana Waterfall can be an alternative choice for family tourism. Both on weekends and national holidays.

This is because the trekking path is not steep, not too far, and is well organized. Likewise with the main pool there is not too deep.

If you listen to every article we post, it’s no wonder that Buleleng Regency has millions of tourism potential, especially waterfalls.

Even the waterfalls, or waterfalls, are often visited by foreign tourists. In other words, the charm of the beauty offered is no longer in doubt.

Then what are the attractions of Tirta Buana Waterfall Bali? So this is the review that we have prepared for you.

Location of Tirta Buana Waterfall

The location of Tirta Buana Waterfall, also known as Tirta Buana Waterfall, is located in Silangjana Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali Province.

Route to Tirta Buana Waterfall

For those of you who do not bring a personal vehicle, the popular means of transportation among tourists while in Bali is a car rental service.

Now for the condition of the road to the Tirta Buana Waterfall tourist attraction, it is good, and can be passed by two-wheeled vehicles, as well as four-wheeled vehicles to the parking area.

The distance from Denpasar Bali to Tirta Buana Waterfall is about 66 kilometers. If there are no obstacles, then the travel time is only about 1 hour 30 minutes.

The distance from Singaraja to Tirta Buana Waterfall is about 23 kilometers. In less than 1 hour, your trip can reach the main parking area of ​​Tirta Buana Waterfall.

Trekking to Tirta Buana Waterfall

After arriving at the parking area, then continue the journey by walking along the path that has been determined by the manager.

The trekking route is well laid out, although not yet in the form of castings, or cement. The trekking path will continue to decline, and during the rainy season it will tend to be a little slippery.

The advantage of the Tirta Buana Bali Waterfall trekking route is that the distance is not too far, about 200-250 meters to get to the main location.

Tirta Buana Waterfall Entrance Fee

  • Entrance ticket to Tirta Buana Waterfall is Rp. 10,000 per person.
  • Motorcycle parking ticket at Tirta Buana Waterfall is Rp. 2,000.
  • Car parking ticket at Tirta Buana Waterfall Rp. 5,000.
  • Locker rental at Tirta Buana Waterfall Rp. 5,000.

Tirta Buana Waterfall Opening Hours

  • Tirta Buana Waterfall Tour is open from 08.00 – 18.00.
  • Tirta Buana tourist attraction operates every day.

Facilities at Tirta Buana Waterfall

Almost all of the tourist facilities at Tirta Buana Waterfall are concentrated near the parking area, or ticket counter. Facilities in the main location area also have clothes lockers that can be rented by visitors.

Tirta Buana Waterfall Attraction

1. Sourced from a direct spring

Tirta Buana Bali Waterfall has a height of about 15 meters with water conditions sourced from springs directly above it.

This makes the water conditions very clear, cold, and cool. The water discharge also tends to be stable even in the dry season.

Oh yes, Tirta Buana Waterfall is also very wide with water falling down large rocks. This is able to make an instagramable natural background.

2. There are 2 main pools

The next attraction of Tirta Buana Waterfall is the pool which is divided into 2. There is a bridge as a separator between the pools.

The visitors can also play in the water, or swim as much as they want in the pool because it is very wide. But also pay attention to the safety aspect huh….

And the author is also obliged to notify that every visitor is prohibited from using soap when playing with water in the main pool area.